How to Create a Recovery USB for SBC-3.5-PX30 (D23)


This page contains the instructions to create a Recovery USB device for the SBC-3.5-PX30 (D23) SECO board.



  • USB drive with at least 8GB available.


  • The two image files .wic and .wic.bmap

seco-usb-flash-image-seco-px30-d23.wic seco-usb-flash-image-seco-px30-d23.wic.bmap
  • bmaptool installed in an host PC.

Creation of USB recovery device

  • Insert the USB drive in the host PC and use bmaptool command to create bootable USB device:

$ sudo bmaptool copy seco-usb-flash-image-seco-px30-d23.wic /dev/<your-device>
  • In the USB device's image partition you can find the /INSTALL/ folder. Inside this folder you shall copy the image files you want to install on the board. The files needed in this step are <image_name>.wic.gz and <image_name>.wic.bmap. For example:

seco-image-edgehog-seco-px30-d23.wic.gz seco-image-edgehog-seco-px30-d23.wic.bmap

Installation phase

To install the new version on the board the steps are described as follow:

  • Plug the Recovery USB device in a powered off board.

  • Power on the board stopping in bootlader (CTRL+C command)

  • In U-Boot run the following command in order to ensure that the USB device could be correctly read:

  • Run the command:

  • Check if Booting from USB ... log appears in boot logs.

  • Once the system has booted the copying procedure starts itself. It could be possible to check the progress running the command:

  • Once the procedure end succesfully, you can restart the board without the Recovery USB to boot with the updated software.