Depending on the configuration and following revisions, the features of the board are subject to change. For detailed information on hardware specifications, please visit

SBC-eNUC-APL is a flexible and expandable full industrial x86 embedded NUC™ SBC with the Intel® Atom® X Series, Intel® Celeron® J / N Series and Intel® Pentium® N Series (formerly Apollo Lake) Processors. Also available in industrial temperature version, the board offers wide range of connectivity options and wide input voltage range. Thanks to its versatile expansion capabilities it is particularly suitable for embedded applications like HMI, multimedia devices, industrial IoT and industrial automation.

For ordering purposes, the SBC-eNUC-APL is referred to by its base code, “B68”.



How can I power on my module?


What will I find in my module?

Off-the-shelf products are shipped with a standard in-house-developed software.
The definition of standard, in this case, is “the environment which SECO adopts for validation”.
Anyway, custom in-house-developed software with different defaults can be built in accordance with customers' requirements submitting a new ticket.

The BIOS version updated in your module is shown in Aptio Setup Utility menu under:

  • Main page

  • Advanced > SMBIOS Information page

BIOS binaries are available in the Downloads section.

How can I update BIOS?

What can I do now?

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Here you can find the latest releases:

Edgehog OS

This board is fully supported by Edgehog OS, the operating system for the All-In-One IIot CLEA platform developed by SECO and based on Yocto. Edgehog OS is intended to provide the highest standards in terms of security and stability through features such as OTA (Over the Air) updates, dual partitions and fallback procedures. Edgehog OS integrates a Device Manager to communicate with the Cloud and allows a family of products to be managed as a fleet.

Source code:

The source code of Edgehog OS is available at the following link.


The Yocto image binaries associated with the various versions of Edgehog OS are available at the following link.