SOM-COMe-CT6-V1000 (B75)


Depending on the configuration and following revisions, the features of the board are subject to change. For detailed information on hardware specifications, please visit

SOM-COMe-CT6-V1000 is a COM Express® Compact Type 6 with the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 processors, ensuring top performance thanks to up to four "Zen" CPU cores, and up to 11 “Vega” Compute Units and support for DirectX® 12. It can drive up to four independent displays at the same time. This product is a perfect solution for biomedical and medical devices, digital signage & infotainment, and gaming.

For ordering purposes, the SOM-COMe-CT6-V1000 is referred to by its base code, “B75”.



How can I power on my module?

With CCOMe-C30

For further details about hardware configuration, please visit

With CCOMe-C96

For further details about hardware configuration, please visit

What will I find in my module?

Off-the-shelf products are shipped with a standard in-house-developed software.
The definition of standard, in this case, is “the environment which SECO adopts for validation”.
Anyway, custom in-house-developed software with different defaults can be built in accordance with customers' requirements submitting a new ticket.

The BIOS version updated in your module is shown in Aptio Setup Utility menu under:

  • Main page

  • Advanced > SMBIOS Information page

BIOS binaries are available in the Downloads section.

How can I update BIOS?

What can I do now?

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