Installation of Flash-n-Go for Trizeps VIII Plus


This instruction is created for pConXS v2r2 in combination with Trizeps VIII Plus v1r2 or v1r3/v1r4 („Standard Versions“)

Other Baseboards/Modules (i-PAN, Myon, …) are not supported.


For a general introduction to Flash-N-Go System and the partition structure see What is Flash-N-Go System.
Note: The live operating system Flash-N-Go System is available for many platforms. But the related tools Flash-N-Go Boot and Flash-N-Go Update are deprecated tools and not available on i.MX8, i.MX9 and the Genio processor series.


Start live system

  • Activate serial download mode on the Trizeps module (see Enter USB Serial Download Mode)

  • Connect a USB-A-to-USB-A cable to the lower USB-Port on the pConXS

  • Start the UUU script from the Flash-N-Go System image folder. Make sure to use the appropriate script
    for your device combination.

  • The Flash-N-Go live system should be loaded into the RAM

Install Bootloader (U-Boot), Flash-N-Go System and Yocto OS (Online)

  • The Flash-N-Go System and U-Boot artifacts must be available on a USB pen drive or via a web server  -
    Note: As an example, we'll use a precompiled OS Release available from the SECO Azure Storage.


  • Run the Bootloader install script

export URL= # Install U-Boot curl --progress-bar $URL/ | sh -s -- --force-repartition --force-reformat --no-AB
  • Run the Flash-N-Go System install script

export URL= Go/FNGSystem/FNGSystem-47.0/seco-mx8mp # Install Flash-N-Go System using the appropriate devicetree curl --progress-bar $URL/ | sh -s -- -d seconorth-trizeps8plus-pconxs_v3-atm0700.dtb
  • Run the Yocto OS install script

export URL= Yocto/Releases/Yocto-kirkstone-21.0/seco-mx8mp curl --progress-bar $URL/ | sh -s -- -d seconorth-trizeps8mplus-pconxs_v3-atm0700.dtb

Note: For a full listing of the available parameters of the install scripts, run the script with -h.

Installation from pen drive / USB stick (Offline)

Note: The steps for starting the live system must also be run for the offline installation.

  • Instead of loading the artifacts from a web server, they can also be placed on a USB drive and applied
    without a network connection.

  • Place the Bootloader and Flash-N-Go System artifacts in one folder and the Yocto OS artifacts in
    another folder on the USB drive.

  • Connect the USB drive to the pConXS.

  • Mount the USB drive to a folder of your choice and change into the Flash-N-Go System folder on the
    USB drive.

  • Run the install scripts for U-Boot and Flash-N-Go System

  • Change to the Yocto OS folder and run the Yocto OS install script

Additional setup steps

The OS uses a special config partition that stores persistent device info. To initialize this partition run
sconfig init.
For more info about the sconfig tool see Flash-N-Go Infrastructure.



Flash-n-Go System (select latest version): Flash-n-Go System Releases